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Reason No. 8 Why Indiana Isn’t So Bad

After the spectacularly bad circus performance on Saturday (did I mention the magic tricks and the clowns?!), we headed to Broad Ripple for some dinner and dessert. Broad Ripple, marketed as the Indianapolis arts district, is not quite the cultural and artistic mecca it’s made out to be, but it does have a couple blocks of good restaurants and fancy over-priced craft stores. Naturally, we wanted the full artsy experience, so we decided to splurge and get ice cream sundaes from McDonald’s.

Some of you may know that my opinion of Indianapolis is pretty low. A city that doesn’t have any good breakfast joints other than Starbucks is not a real city in my book. It’s the kind of city that dies after 5pm. The bus system is laughable, the main cultural attraction is the football stadium, and the downtown mall has not one, but TWO soft pretzel joints (think of all that salt and low self-esteem!). Imagine my surprise, then, when we stumbled upon this gem of a place on Saturday:



That’s right, my friends, Class and Culture have finally made their way to Indianapolis in the guise of a MCDONALD’S! This McDonald’s has a working piano on a stage, a fireplace, and a leather couch on the other side of the fireplace (someone was sitting in the leather couch area, so I didn’t take a picture). It’s like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory only it’s Ronald McDonald’s Fast Food Factory of Magic! I kept expecting red and yellow Oompa Loompas to jump out of the fireplace and sing a little ditty about heart disease and then offer me free ice cream sundaes for life.

Indianapolis, I have decided that we can be friends.

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