Franklin Square

Speaking of Benjamin Franklin (and in Philadelphia it seems like we always are), we visited Franklin Square yesterday for some “Square Burgers” and a round of mini golf.


We’d been avoiding the mini golf at Franklin Square because we were under the impression that it was prohibitively expensive. It’s actually $9 per adult, which isn’t too super offensive.


The course is super well maintained, and we were already in a good mood from the burgers, so maybe that’s how they get away with the price. No regrets here.


The course is Philadelphia-themed, with most of the 18 holes representing a specific Philadelphia landmark.

DH, who takes mini golf most seriously, was very pleased with the difficulty of the course. My overall mini golf strategy is just to hit the ball hard and indiscriminately, so I pretty much enjoy any mini golf course, but this one was super extra cool.


Each landmark came with a little plaque explaining its significance. Our only quibble came with the plaque for the art museum, which listed Rocky’s famous run and then, as an afterthought, mentioned the world-class art. I love Rocky, I do, but can we all agree that that run was a fictional event? It should not be commemorated as real history.


Anyway, we literally had fun for the whole family. It was the perfect way to spend a summer evening.


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