Cincinnati: Just Another City That’s Better Than Indianapolis

An alternate title to this post should be “In Which Death’s Head and the Sickly Child Finally Get Out of the House” because it feels like we haven’t been doing anything recently. Sure, we take the occasional long evening walk (6 miles on Thursday, for example). Our last couple of Fridays have been spent watching lots of T.V. (verdict on Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution: nice but boring) and movies (verdict on Run Lola Run: so much techno music!) because we’ve been too tired to do anything else.  On weekends we go out with friends for beers, or we organize that one drawer in our kitchen that inevitably becomes the catch-all and gets disorganized. Sometimes, when we’re feeling particularly raucous, we do both.

DH did some research and found a German beer hall (Hofbräuhaus) in Cincinnati, Ohio, which sounded fun. The Cincinnati Reds were playing the Cubs on Saturday afternoon, too, so we spontaneously decided to drink some German beer and then walk over to watch a baseball game.

I was basically euphoric all Saturday long – happy to be outside, happy to be in the sun, happy to drink German beer, happy to see baseball players hit home runs. It was one of those wonderful days that makes you wonder if you’ve been depressed because you haven’t felt so carefree and happy in so long. Maybe I’ve been suffering from a Vitamin D deficiency. That can happen, you know. It was such a happy day that we didn’t even get into too much of an argument when we got lost driving through Columbus, Indiana. We get lost every time we drive through Columbus, and I’m starting to suspect that the problem is not with my navigation skills, but rather with the city of Columbus. Fix your road signs, Columbus!

We arrived in Cincinnati a little early to do some sightseeing. For example, we found a fun mural on the side of a fancy mall. We love historic things like that. DH practiced blending in:

The Reds play at the Great American ball park. It sounds patriotic until you realize that Great American is an insurance company. Here’s a view of the ballpark from the opposite side of the Ohio river:

We got to the Hofbräuhaus a little after 11am. For the curious among you, no, I do not think that it was too early to be drinking beer. This is America! Our waiter gave his personal guarantee that the beer was excellent. In fact, he told us all about his ARI (Alcohol Related Injury) from the night before. It was entertaining and enlightening and only slightly unprofessional.

DH ordered a beer that I did not like, probably on purpose. You know how he is.

We parked near the Hofbräuhaus ($3 parking for the whole day! Bonus Cincinnati points!), across the river from the ball park, and walked over the Purple People Bridge to downtown Cincinnati. This is a very natural picture of what I looked like crossing the bridge:

Great American Ball Park is the second Major League Baseball stadium I have visited, the first one being Wrigley Field. The two ball parks could not be more different. Wrigley Field has character, history, and quirkiness. Great American has newness, bigness, comfortable seats, and allows you to bring in your own food and drink (we brought in pretzels from the Hofbräuhaus). Please don’t make me choose between the two!

We arrived early, but too late to see batting practice. This was the view from our seats:

We watched Carlos Zambrano warming up in the bullpen before the game:

We took the obligatory self-portrait:

We watched the game:

About half of the people at the game were wearing blue. Based on this scientific estimate, I would say that were as many Cubs fans as there were Reds fans. At the end of the game, when it was becoming clear that the Cubs were close to winning, the crowd had no problem in starting a chant  of “Let’s go, Cubbies!” If I were a Reds player, I would find this especially disheartening.

After a while in our actual seats, we sought shade and a bird’s eye view from the top of the stadium. These are the $5 seats, which we will probably get next time. This structure is supposed to be a boat; I don’t know why. I liked it.

The Cubs won! They hit two home runs. There was cheering!

Next weekend we’re going to a Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field, so you can look forward to more baseball updates from someone who knows very little about baseball. Oh, and if you want to see the myriad other pictures we took on Saturday, click here.

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