There Are No Cats in America

The weather is chilly, I’m reading a Dickens novel, and I’ve been thinking about Christmas all day. Random Christmas memory: in England, the movie “An American Tale” was on TV every year at Christmas. It has nothing to do with Christmas, but I think about it every year over the holidays. I’m writing a longer post about my childhood Christmases in England, but in the meantime, please enjoy some random pictures from the last couple of weekends. We bought a better, fancier, heavier bocce set on super duper sale:

October 2009 weekends 002

October 2009 weekends 003

DH took pictures of leaves on our car:

October 2009 weekends 007

We went for a walk and ate yummy sandwiches:

October 2009 weekends 008

October 2009 weekends 009

In other news, I also got my haircut last weekend by a woman who barely trimmed my hair and then teased it into knots to give the illusion of volume. I think I need to start spending more than $12 on a hair cut.

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