A Beautiful Day to Doze Under a Tree

We’re getting back into our habit of long, meandering weekend walks. Last Saturday we went about ten miles, ending up at a South Philadelphia golf course somewhere around mile seven. DH took advantage of the driving range, while I dozed underneath a tree and ate raspberries we had bought, in a glorious moment of prescience, along the route. IMG_2706IMG_2700

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Good Seats

Last week we attended a week-night Phillies game, and getting out of the house on a weeknight is almost always noteworthy for us. The game itself was not noteworthy at all, due to the Phillies losing in extravagantly boring fashion. Our seats were fabulous, though, the better to watch the Phillies lose from.


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This feels like old news, since I completed the requirements for my master’s degree back in December, but I walked in my school’s Commencement ceremony yesterday and DH documented the occasion because he is an absolute treasure. I’ll keep details light here, but I know my parents will appreciate these pictures, and I would never turn down a socially-sanctioned opportunity to wear what is essentially a formal caftan.

IMG_7817IMG_7790 IMG_7796IMG_2561-001


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My darling Niece turns two years old today! She is fun and energetic and a total joy. Her affection and enthusiasm for life (and for puppies, bouncy castles, coloring, family, etc.) make the world a sweeter place to live. Her parents are pretty great, too.

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We Are Family

Powells 2

I will celebrate Mother’s Day by looking through old photos and laughing reminiscing fondly (I also called mum first thing this morning, because, as a daughter, I’m at the top of my game). Tomorrow, my dad’s birthday, I will do much the same. DH and I are well aware that we both struck gold in the family department.

P.S. I am so excited to see these weirdos this summer!


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Pitch Perfect 2

I somehow ended up on an email listserv that got me and a guest into a screening of Pitch Perfect 2 on the University of Pennsylvania campus. The event included pre-screening drinks and hors d’oeuvres, and then we were off to the theater where we heard a few remarks from Elizabeth Banks (director) and her husband, Max Handelman (producer), before settling in to watch the movie. Banks and her husband are Penn alums, and Penn Masala, a South-Asian a capella group, have a bit part in the sequel. We were minor, albeit unabashed, fans of the first film in the franchise, and this was a fun follow-up.

The most extravagant part of the evening, though, was the complimentary popcorn, because I will never be rich enough to believe that paying my own money for popcorn is a wise investment. Free popcorn just tastes better. It’s science.

IMG_2663IMG_2652 IMG_2653 IMG_2655

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Penn Museum


The Penn Museum has been taunting me for years – it’s on my route between home and work – and I can’t believe it has taken me so long to explore what was right in front of me.

I didn’t take any pictures when I visited, but the main thing you should know about the Penn Museum is that it has artifacts that make the British Museum envious. It houses some amazingly precious stuff, and almost all of it was acquired legally and with the full approval of the countries Penn collaborated with!

The Smithsonian recently put out a book called A History of the World in 1000 Objects, and more than two hundred of the objects listed reside in pride of place at the Penn Museum. It was a huge mistake on my part to wait to so long to visit this place, because it is truly awesome. Philadelphia really does have more to it than just Rocky lore.

* Image found here.

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